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  • Why Host Your Own Mastodon Server

    You might be wondering at some point is there any good reasons for you to host your own instance of Mastodon instead of relying on a large established one? Here is my thoughtful advice on why it is imperative for you to host your own. What the Fediverse is and isn’t I guess the first […]

  • Run Your Own Mastodon Server

    All the information you need on how to install and run your own Mastodon server. It will probably comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been following the news lately that a certain social network is coming undone and a mass exodus has begun. Many of whom are flocking to the Fediverse via the most […]

  • Use CloudFlare As a Free Dynamic DNS for Your BBS

    Whether you plan on hosting your own site on your home ISP or running a BBS at home on a retro computer, you’ll run into the issue of having a domain name lead to your home’s IP address. There are a few paid services and just one or two free services that come with weekly […]

  • The Challenges and Pitfalls of The Fediverse

    Think Usenet or FidoNet If you’re old enough to have used computer back in the 80’s or 90’s, you might be well aware of the two mentioned in the title. Usenet was a program that was distributed using the NTTP protocol for running a type of threads forum, where messages were relayed to anyone subscribed […]

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