WordPress Admin Dashboard Thoughts

So it seems that the WP team is in the process of making changes to the Admin dashboard to create a uniform structure continuing with the current flow and pattern of the block editor. But how will these changes effect users and developers of WP

If you haven’t seen it, go check it out at WP Tavern link above but the gist is they have begun the initial stages of redoing the Admin dashboard side of WP to match the pattern of blocks. This is both a step forward in the long run but deeply troubling if not completed before launch.

Personally, I love the concept of using the default layout and framework of WordPress for plugins. I’ve never been a big fan of custom interfaces when selling plugins (if you’re a client, you already know this). The fastest, most secure method is the one WP already gives you when designing your plugin interface.

However, if they role this out in mini steps in an ongoing three year overhaul, it will be a complete disaster. As Gutenberg has already shown, there has been some major hurdles and bumps along its roll out.

Both an exciting and a bit concerning future ahead for WordPress.